About IASA

Educational and scientific complex "Institute for the applied system analysis" of NTUU "KPI" MESU and NASU of Ukraine

Educational-Scientifi Complex «Institute for the Applied System Analysis» was created in 1997 at the Decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for the purpose of carrying out in Ukraine the advanced scientific researches and target training of highly-skilled personnel in the sphere of the applied system analysis, the newest information technologies and computer sciences. Foundation of the institute of double subordination — NASU of Ukraine and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine — is connected with an embodiment of the concept of integration of science and education.

At the Institute there is concentrated powerful scientific potential. Scientific departments of Mathematical Methods of the System Analysis, Applied Nonlinear Analysis, Numerical Methods of Optimization, Information Resources have old scientific traditions.

k35The main Institute building

Outstanding scientists, founders and followers of recognized scientific schools have world authority: school of infinite-dimensional analysis (started by the academician of NASU of Ukraine Y.L. Daletskyi), optimization theory (started by the academician of NASU of Ukraine B.M. Pshenychnyi), the nonlinear analysis and the theory of dynamic systems (started by the corresponding member of NASU of Ukraine V.S. Melnyk), automated management of technological processes (started by the professor V.V. Azhohin), the system analysis and the theory of taking a decision (under the guidance of the academician of NASU of Ukraine M.Z. Zhurovsky).

Together with scientific work the Institute carries out training of experts at all educational and scientific levels (bachelors, masters, candidates and doctors of sciences).

The Chair of Mathematical Methods of the System Analysis (MMSA) and The Chair of System Designing (SD) are the parts of ESC "IASA". On the basis of chairs MMSA and SD there has been created a Faculty of Systems Research. At the Institute there are also Faculties of Pre-Institute training, Course training, Second Higher and Post-Diploma Education.

At the Institute there are over one and a half thousand students. Since 2007/2008 performing of educational activity on training of bachelors and masters is carried out on directions «System Analysis» (specialties «System analysis and Managment», «Systems and Methods of Decision-making»); «Informatics» (specialty «Social informatics»); «Computer science» (specialties «Systems of artificial intelligence», «Information technologies of design», «System design»).

Employees and students of the Institute take part in the international programs and in performance of the international projects, cooper­ate with many international organizations.

The Institute edits the international scientific magazine «System research and information technologies» which it is included to the list of professional editions of HCC of Ukraine.

Integration in the Institute of educational and scientific directions has given the chance to carry out unique researches and to realize methodology of preparation of analysts of the practical orientation, educational level of which meets the level of the international standards.

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