Students' autonomy

ESC «IASA» student government emerged during the creation of the Institute. In Ukraine it is refering to the integration of Ukrainian higher education to the Bologna Process.  IASA  student government gives the student’s community an opportunity to resolve issues independently within the current legislation and the statute of the Institute.

Students’ council ESC «IASA» (SC)  is a body of the student government of the Institute. SC unites all students of the faculty. A group leader represents each academic group in SC, and is elected by students of the respective group at the internal meetings. Adopting the European experience, since 2006 the Chairman of the Students’ Council is chosen by means of the direct elections, where each student has the right to vote at a polling station, what have the influence on the future of student government at the Institute, and their own future.

Students’ Council is a connecting link between students, lecturers and administration of the Institute. It provides protection of students rights and interests and their most complete development in the areas of education, science, communication, culture, sport, philanthropy, internal and external relationships with the students of Kyiv, Ukraine and other European countries.

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