«Kedy» (Gym) — are familiar to all (and for many still favorite) shoes. In gyms in childhood we used to play in the yard, climb on roofs and trees. At school we used to go to school gym. In gym, you can run, jump, sit cross, get out with friends at a picnic in the forest, dig potatoes for grandmother. There are other «smart» sneakers, that match the couple, symbol of youth free-happy style. Therefore, our magazine is called «K E D Y». Its about sport and active young people, about life and everything beautiful, happy and healthy.

The magazine based Student Council ESC «IASA» has A5 format, black and white print, goes once a month. Audience edition — youth, students of KPI. The purpose of the magazine — to attract the reader's attention to sport, share interesting articles and pictures, talk about events that take place in KPI.