Institute of Applied Systems Analysis was founded more than 10 years ago. Despite this educational establishment is very young, it is already well-known in Ukraine and abroad. Here are some examples of how our institute is described now:

  • the IASA diploma has become the basic admission requirement for applying the leading banks of Ukraine;
  • leaders in information technologies create specialized IT training schools on the basis of our institute;
  • the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine makes an annual ordering for our institute graduates;
  • our graduates have been already holding leading offices in world-known companies not only in Ukraine, but all over world;
  • companies, founded by our graduates, have not only been successfully run in the time of the World Crisis, but also strengthened their market position.

Our graduates own all these achievements to the high level of training, provided by Institute for Applied Systems Analysis.

World Universities and Organizations

Institute for Applied Systems Analysis has more than 25 agreements of cooperation with the world leading universities and international organizations.

The Institute is a leader in a number of international projects and initiatives the highest level (UN, UNESCO, UNIDO). Furthermore, on the base of our institute, it is held the international seminar on risk management "RMA Symposium" within the scope of CODATA 2008. Annually, our lecturers are invited to participate in international conferences.

Applied scientific developments

One of the main principles of the Institute is "to remove borders between scientific researches and diploma or course paper, between a lecturer and a scientist".

The contribution to following scientific projects, made by students, is a striking example of this:

  • technological forecast of development of Ukrainian space engineering;
  • increasing of effectiveness of logistic system performance for open joint-stock company "ArselorMetal Kryvyi Rig";
  • modeling of main problem-solving scripts for Kyiv city;
  • introduction of national Grid-infrastructure and implementation of Grid-technologies in science and education.

Furthermore, the unique for Ukraine section of "World Data Center" works on IASA base, the main working turn of which is global geopolitical problem modeling. The center uses the most powerful computer in Ukraine.

University entrants

The best school-graduates from all over Ukraine enter IASA every year.

In particular, not only school-graduates of leading technical colleges, lyceums and gymnasiums in Kiev and other big cities enter IASA, but also matriculants of regional and village schools from all regions of Ukraine apply to our institute. Only knowledge and skills of matriculants serves as the basic application requirement.

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