Director of ESC "IASA", academician of NASU
Myhailo Zaharovych Zgurovsky

The Educational-Scientific Complex "Institute for Applied System Analysis" (ESC "IASA") of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (MESU) and National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU) was created after Decision of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in December 1997, on the base of Chair of Mathematical Methods of System Analysis of National Technical University of Ukraine "Kiev Polytechnic Institute" and Institute for Applied System Analysis of NASU of Ukraine and Ministry of Education of Ukraine.

The Department of Numerical Methods of Optimization was founded in the Institute for Cybernetics of AS of USSR in 1964 and formed part of ESC "IASA" in its creation. For many years the department has been headed by academician B.M. Pshenichniy. Currently Head of Department — Doctor of Sciences, Professor V.V. Ostapenko.

The Department of Mathematical Methods of System Analysis was founded in the Institute for Applied System Analysis in 1996, under the direction of academician M.Z. Zgurovsky with the purpose to carry out fundamental and applied research in the field of system analysis. Currently Head of Department — Doctor of Sciences , Professor N.D. Pankratova.

Since 1996 department, under the name of Department of Applied Nonlinear Analysis, mingles with the Institute for Applied System Analysis, and the correspondent-member of NASU of Ukraine V.S. Melnyk becomes its head. Direction of researches is theory of casual processes control and its application in chemical and defensive techniques. Currently Head of Department — Doctor of Sciences, Professor A.S. Makarenko.

In addition to department, the Institute includes four education faculty.

Chair of Mathematical Methods of System Analysis (MMSA), which forms part of the Institute, was created in KPI in 1988 by initiative of academicians Y.L. Daletskyi and M.Z. Zgurovsky and by participation of academician V.S. Mikhalevitch.

The Scientific Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Research (SRIIR) was created on initiative of academician A.I. Kuhtenko in 1990 in Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, on the basis of scientific research sector of MMSA Chair. The main direction of SRIIR activity lied in carrying out the large scale searching and fundamental research of interdisciplinary character in further scientific directions: mathematical, physical chemical and engineer methods of environment protection; systems of artificial intellect; fractal theory and its application in physics, chemistry and material sciences; theory of catastrophes and bifurcation; synergetic and "chaos" etc.

In 2007, the Chair of Computer Aided Design Systems (CAD) and the scientific research Institute of Information Recourses "INFORES" which were fruitfully working at the Faculty of Electronics of NTUU "KPI", formed part of ESC "IASA". Transition is caused by the desire of both sides to join efforts in the field of high-quality training of computer science specialists and carrying out common scientific complex system research. In 2007 "INFORES" Institute was reorganized into the Department of Information Recourses.

In 1985, the CAD Chair, under the direction of head professor A.I. Petrenko, began training specialists of new specialty "Computer Aided Design Systems", whose name was changed hereafter, according to the international practice, into "Information Technologies of Design".

The Faculty of System Research was created in 2007 on the basis of MMSA and CAD Chairs, the last one changed its name to the "System Design" (SD-CAD).

Research Laboratory of Nonlinear Analysis for Differential-Operator Systems was on the basis of the Institute in 2011 year. Young Dr.Sc. P.O. Kasyanov became a chief and Academician, Proffesor M.Z. Zgurovsky became principal investigator of this laboratory.