IASA principles

We move with the times.

While forming educational programs we take into account the latest scientific researches and achievements. The Institute’s administration monitors closely that the program of the main subjects always meets today's reality and requirements of the labor market.

True professionals work in our Institute.

The academic staff includes 1 academician and more than 10 professors. Most lecturers carry out scientific studies, the results of which appear immediately in their educational courses.

We listen to the voice of students.

Students’ council ESC "IASA" has been one of the best in KPI for more than 10 years, and in 2009 it received recognition in the All Ukrainian contest "Youth Rating 2009 " of the Students’ Council of the Ministry of Education — "The Best unit of the Student council 2009". It is close cooperation of the Students’ council with the administration that provides feedback of the learning process. A constructive dialogue between students, faculty and administration about the organization of educational process is an important aspect in the Institute that will provide a high level of education.

We are not afraid to experiment.

The education at our Institute is not restricted to the general educational programs. What is more, students are able to choose new ways of learning that improve their level as professionals. Just so, seminars on risk management were organized by students 8 years ago. Students decided that they lack the basic knowledge and began to gather, share experience ... And today representatives of leading banks of Ukraine make their speeches on these workshops. An internal examinations and certification are conducted. There are also a lot of scientific circles, seminars and facultatives at the Institute. Our students initiate the creation of scientific conferences (IASA has been conducting an international conference "System Analysis and Information Technology" for 12 years running), summer schools, and olympiads.

We collaborate

IASA always tries to involve new resources, so that our students become real professionals. It is for this purpose that we created together with INCOM a new direction for master's education in working with solutions of SAP, together with CISCO, the world leader in networking technology, we developed the program of the educational course. And this cooperation is directed not only to "professional" development. Together with the Faculty of Linguistics, NTUU "KPI", free seminars of English were introduced to our students. Since knowledge of foreign languages becomes a necessity nowadays. And we understand this.

But most important: Institute for Applied System Analysis educates not only just programmers, managers financial analysts or economists. We educate creative people who can think and adapt. For system analyst is a person who knows the techniques. A system analyst is the one who understands how and what is functioning, and what the laws of this functioning are.

And this is our uniqueness. For our graduates a diploma of IASA is not just a pointing sign that directs them to one single industry and puts a cross to all others, but it is on the contrary "open doors", and you decide in which direction they will lead you. Since the knowledge that our Institute provides is used everywhere: in banking and information technology areas, in the public sector, industrial production and agriculture.


Systems analysis is not a profession, it’s a way of thinking!

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