Student scientific community System Analysis & Risk Management Group (SA&RM Group) is an organization, which activities are based on optional principalities and self-organization. This is society of confederates, students who are engaged in researches and analysis in risk management, investment and system analysis areas.   The organization was found in 2003 as a result of market needs in financial analysis professionals and as an intelligent environment for development and practical usage of ideas and methods of system analysis in business routine.

The conception of creation of such society consists not only in obliged fundamental knowledge base for each member, but in ability to operate this knowledge to solve practical problems.

The members of this organization work in analysis sections in almost all banks and trust companies in Ukraine: Ernst & Young, Deloіtte, Trinity Dialog, Alfa Bank, BTA Bank, Raiffasen, ERSTE Bank, Dragon Capіtal, Ukrsocbank… Thereby, with upgrading of  own proficiency, the members of the SARM Group share their experience with younger generation, implement seminars and provide heredity in organization.

The Bank system actively collaborates with the SARM Group, which works under the rule of supervisory board that consists of executives from 17 banks. Also, the bank spokesmen give a lectures, hold exams, practical trainings and choose the best ones.