Admission regulations

Admission for Post-graduate Study to receive full-time education or have correspondence learning requires Ukrainian University Master’s (Specialist’s) Diploma in a related field with sufficiently high grades and proven research ability. The training of post-graduate students is conducted only on demand of ESC "IASA", NTUU "KPI" departments, other educational establishments, enterprises and organisations. The training of post-graduate students on demand of non-state/private enterprises and organisations means  refunding training fees, payment of scholarships (for students receiving full-time education) for IASA.

  1. State order: post-graduate students are enrolled for studying for state order if they were delegated to study by IASA or other state universities and scientific and research institutions of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and NAS of Ukraine; mutual commitments between post-graduate student and IASA are determined by the agreement, which provides post-graduate student’s in-time completion of thesis work, his/her employment after finishing full-time post-graduate studies, responsibility of two sides in case of agreement default, etc. (the example of agreement can be found at the stand of Inter-Branch Institute of Post-Graduate Education). Full-time post-graduate students should work at the state university or any other state organisation for 3 years after finishing their post-graduate studies. Post-graduate students, receiving correspondence education for state order during 4 years are to work at state universities or scientific and research centres of NAS of Ukraine for 4 years.
  2. Non-state order is done on the basis of agreements signed between IASA and applicants for post-graduate study (or institutions, organizations that delegated them for training). These agreements provide a full refunding of the cost of their training, including the payment for scholarships (for post-graduate students receiving full-time education). Along with application form and all required documents, the applicant should give a warranty letter of the enterprise or organization that guarantees refunding of the cost of training for university. The annual tuition fee for post-graduate students of non-state order is determined in October; it is approximately 5000 $ for an academic year (payment for scholarships is not included in tuition fee).

Those, whose application is accepted, are allowed to take entrance exams for post-graduate studies. Therefore, they are given an additional leave for 30 calendar days (approximately 10 days to prepare for each exam) with saving their salary at the place of their job for the period of preparation and passage of exams. Applicants for post-graduate study pass competitive examinations on specialization, Philosophy, one of the foreign languages and the Ukrainian language, where they render scientific article devoted to the field of their studies. Those who have passed post-graduate admission examinations earlier are allowed not to pass them in case they have the appropriate certificate.

According to the decision of the Academic Council of NTUU "KPI" from 6 May 1996 the admission to post-graduate study presupposes that along with admission (PhD) tests scores, the average score of diploma of higher education is taken into consideration. As a rule, it should be at least 4,5 (in case of applying for post-graduate study during the year of your graduating from the university).

Admission examinations to post-graduate study take place in September and October.

Enrollment in post-graduate school starts from 15 November of the current year.

Payment for scholarships (for students receiving full-time education) is defined within the 1500-2500 UAH. It depends on the salary that post-graduate student received at the main place of work before entering the post-graduate school. Wages received for part-time job or for holding some other offices except for the main one do not influence the size of scholarship.

Those who have not been working before entering the post-graduate school or whose salary was less than 1500 UAH, will get 1500 UAH scholarships per month. If the average wage at the main place of work was more than 2500 UAH per month, scholarship is set to be 2500 UAH per month.

The term of full-time post-graduate study is 3 years; correspondence learning lasts for 4 years (only those who work in the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and NAS of Ukraine are accepted to get post-graduate correspondence education).

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