Application to a Ph.D. program is addressed to the ESC "IASA" director’s deputy, who is responsible for scientific training (Application form is available in the Institute of Post-Diploma Education that is located in room  103 of building №35).

The applicants should add to the Application form:

Head of the Institute of
Post-Diploma Education O.O.Moreva

  • questionnaire (questionnaire form is available in the Institute of Post-Diploma Education);
  • the copy of University Diploma with scientific degree (Master or Specialist Degree) mentioned there; it should be certified in personnel department of applicants' place of work;
  • the copy of Diploma supplement (applicants who were awarded with honours diploma are not supposed to give  the copy of their Diploma supplement);
  • the copy of service record card (in case you have it, you should certify it in personnel department of your place of work);
  • extract from meeting protocol of the Academic Council of ECS "IASA" (it is required only for 2007 graduates, who are recommended by academic councils to receive post-graduate education);
  • the list of published scientific works and inventions, certified by a scientific secretary of ESC "IASA" (you should also supply copies of 2 or 3 published scientific works) or a summary (abstract of some scientific works) on one of the issues of your speciality. The list of publications or summary is submitted with the written review of the presupposed  research advisor  after the interview and the study of publications or summary;
  • medical card (form 086-у);
  • originals of Passport and University diploma are submitted by the applicant him/herself;
  • 2 photos;
  • the copy of personal identification code;
  • white paper folder;


Olga Moreva – send a message or call +380 44 406 8530