Second Higher and Post-diploma Education


Dean of the Faculty : Professor, DSc Y.P. ZAICHENKO

Faculty is created in 2001 with the pur­pose of giving possibility to people who already have higher educa­tion and want to get the second higher education on new specialty that has consid­erable demand at market of labor. The cycle of studies is

counted on two years. On graduating, specialists get the diploma of Master's degree of NTUU «KPI» on computer sciences on «Intellectual Systems of Decision-making» and «Information Technologies of Design» specialties, and also Master’s degree of NTUU «KPI» on applied mathematics on «System Analysis and Management» specialty.

«Intellectual Systems of Decision-making» specialty connects fundamental knowledge of computers and finance­ economic sciences, allows to master modern mathematic methods of decision making, system analysis and technique of prognostication for practical activity in economy, business and financial sphere.

«System Analysis and Management» specialty was created in 2004. Basic direction is training system analysts in state management, econom­ics, financial and bank sphere on the base of use of leading information and computer technolo­gies with system analysis and operations analysis methods.

«Information Technologies in Design» specialty is connected with training of high qualified spe­cialists able to apply computer technologies in design of computer systems, their program tools and other high technological know-how, taking part in projects performed collectively via Internet.

Educational programs and organization of educational process are oriented on theoretical and practical training of specialists for solving, with the use of modem methods of information computer technologies, actual tasks for making effective operative and strategic decisions in the field of practical economy and business, management and marketing, financial, bank and insurance activity management in the conditions of incompleteness of information and taking risks into account. The educational process provides training of intellectual persons armed by modern methods and technologies for working in the conditions of competition.

The curriculum consists of four large cycles of disciplines:

  1. information computer technology;
  2. methods and systems of decision-making;
  3. economy and finances;
  4. mathematical economy.


Cycle 1 gives computer education and professional skills of practical work.

Cycle 2 provides training in the field of analysis, prognosis and decision making in diffi­cult situations with the use of information and computer technologies.

Cycle 3 gives modern education in the field of economy.

Cycle 4 The knowledge got in the cycles 1, 2, 3 is used as a base for forming modern profes­sionalism in the field of economy and finances.

All cycles are based on methodology of complex theoretical and practical training tested by practice of a few thousand highly skilled specialists, which work successfully in Ukraine and in the other countries.

The Faculty of the second higher education of Institute has a highly developed modern labo­ratory base for carrying out lessons, in particular, specialized computer classes incorporated in local areas networks. It is created, and functions now the INTERNET network, through which the distant education with the use of modern information technologies designed by leading Institute scientists will be carried out. All students which study at Faculty of the second higher education have the possibility to work online in the INTERNET. Peculiarity of studying in the Institute is that along with fundamental knowledge pointed at training of high qualified research Masters, skillful in creative work, students by choice master knowledge and practical skills in the filed of pioneer information technologies which gave considerable demand at modern labor market.

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