Educational-Scientific Complex "Institute for Applied Systems Analysis" invite companies, international organizations and public institution for teamwork solving actual problems of business and economics, and establishment educational and research centers for the training of specialized, highly skilled staff on the basis of the Institute and implementing the latest scientific developments. Also Institute invites universities and institutes to develop joint educational programs and exchange experience on training in the areas of "System Analysis", "Informatics" and "Computer Science" (contact with International department).

Educational Departments are working closely with these companies and organizations:

Chair of Mathematical Methods of system analysis (MMSA)

Key words: SAP University, SAS Global Academic Program, CISCO, EPAM Systems, CEEISD, Kyoto University, Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Ecole Polytechnique.
Description of unit:

The specialty "System Analysis and Management" is oriented to the study of complex physical and technical systems and systems of various natures.

The specialty "Systems and Methods of decision-making" provides training in the field of decision making theory in complex interacting economic systems; in analysis methods, management and prediction in macroeconomics and on the level of single companies, banks, economical process modeling; development of informational technologies; creation of complex information and expert systems for elements of macroeconomic systems.

The Specialty "Social Informatics" grants education in theoretical mathematical modeling and prediction of social-economical and political system development; computer technology application in management, sociology, public administration, prediction of development of interstate relations; methods of labour-market analysis.

Specialty "System of Artificial Intelligence" provides training in the field of intelligent technologies and artificial intelligence systems.

Head — Dr.Sc., Academician NAS Ukraine M.Z. Zgurovsky, tel +38 044 326 3987.
International educational program:

1. education on Master`s degree programs — "System Analysis in project Management", "Information Management" in frame of participation in International university program "SAP University Alliance Program"

(Ph.D., Associate Professor O.L. Tymoschuk);

2. education on optional

practical training course "Analysis, modeling and prediction in SAS" in frame of international program SAS Global Academic Program (Ph.D., Junior Researcher O.M. Terentiev);

3. training, education in a joint research laboratory ESC "IASA" — EPAM Systems by the program — "Software engineering" (Ph.D., Associate Professor O.L. Tymoschuk);

4. training in CISCO network academy for masters students with specialty "Social Informatics" of the specialization "Network computer technologies in social informatics" (CCNA Discovery Networking for home and Small Business — CISCO) (Ph.D., Associate Professor G.G. Shvachko);

5. training by the program Join M.Sc. &Ph. D. program "Sustainable development and Governance: global and regional contexts" in partnership with the Institute of Sustainability Science of Kyoto University (Japan) and Ukrainian filial of World Data centr on geoinformatics and sustainable development (CEEISD) (Kyiv, NTUU "KPI") (Academician M.Z.Zgyrovsky, Ph.D. Associate Professor, I.A. Shubenkova ).

6. training program for doublel diploma with Ecole Polytechnique, Korea Institute of Science and Technology, University of Indianapolis, ParisTech, Tallinn University of Technology and University of Tartu (Ph.D., Associate Professor O.L. Tymoschuk).

Department of Systems Design

Key words: Samsung, Melexis, Seven Framework Program, EduMEMS, Innovation for High Performance, EUROPRACTICE, Cadence, MEMS.
Description of unit:

Chair of SD prepares specialists with a degree in

"Information Technologies" and "System design"
Chair of SD performs research on new directions in informatics related to the creation of computer-aided systems and construction of intelligent environments, and is being the organizer of specialists’ training in these areas. The Chair proposed, tested and implemented heterogeneous nonlinear modeling of technical objects, methodology and principles of software and hardware systems, organization of collective design in the intellectual Grid environment, adaptation of computer-aided design to the real problems of different classes and more.

The Chair, for the years of its existence starting with 1964 has prepared and published a comprehensive library of theory and practice of computer engineering and grid technology, which contains 31 monographs, tutorials and textbooks, 18 brochures and more than 950 scientific papers. During this time the department has prepared nine D.Sc. and 64 Ph.D

Head — Dr.Sc., Professor A.I. Petrenko, tel. +380 44 280 9046.
International educational program:

1. In 2010, grants from the Samsung firm were received for project development related to research and implementation of

algorithms for

balancing nodes and queues and processing algorithms for multimodal interaction in multi-node systems and equipment to complete staffing in this laboratory;

2. Participation in the project of European 7th Framework Programme № 269 295 «EduMEMS-Developing Multidomain MEMS Models for Educational Purposes» (partners France, Belgium, Poland). The project financing started in April 2011 under the Scheme PEOPLE: "Marie Curie Actions, International Research Staff Exchange Scheme (IRSES)". Project Participants: from Poland - Łódź University of Technology, Wroclaw University of Technology, from Belgium-Ghent University (GENT); from France-CENTRE NATIONAL DE LA RECHERCHE SCIENTIFIQUE (Toulouse), from Ukraine, Lviv Polytechnic and NTUU "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute";

3. Functioning since 2008 of the joint educational and research laboratory of the Belgian company Melexis intended for training towards the needs of the firm. Upon successful completion of training students are being employed at the firm;

4. Cooperation with the German company IHP (Innovation for High Performance) Frankfurt (Oder), under an agreement dated 1 December 2004. enables the department to train specialists in designing circuits based on modern technology base(0.25 micron), missing in Ukraine. There is a permanent opportunity of Master's internship is in the IHP with the ability to continue training on the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Kotbusk University;

5. Collaboration with English organization EUROPRACTICE under the agreement from September 19, 2003. The department receives for training and research works, modern software for computer-aided design of integrated circuits (System Cadence, 32 licenses), and the annual license cost is paid by Melexis and IHP (Innovation for High Performance).

Tutors and students of the Institute cooperate with a number of international organizations, including the international institute for applied system analysis (IIASA, Luxemburg, Austria), Organization of the UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education (IITE UNESCO), global network of knowledge about education and research exchanges (EDNES ), the International Council for Science (ICSU), Committee on Data for Science and Technology (CODATA), the European Centre for Higher Education of UNESCO UNESCO-CEPES), the British Council in Ukraine (BRITISH COUNCIL), International Organization for Intellectual Property (WIPO). The High Performance Computing Center and the Ukrainian Branch of World Data Center were opened in 2006 on the base of KPI and IASA.

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