Information technologies of design

Department graduates feel themselves confident while choosing subsequent direction of Master studying whether at SL and MMSA, IASA, at other departments of NTUU “KPI”, or in other foreign universities after complete and fundamental baccalaureate training course. By turn, students who receive bachelor’s degree at other departments of NTUU ‘KPI’ or in other universities, but who want to receive scientific specialty in researching activity of department and will pass examination could enter the SL department.

At the second stage of studying department of system planning proposes two Master’s degree specifications in computer science.

1.       Informational technologies in planning

Specialists in that sphere study the researching, project and managerial activity of the area of modern Information technologies for informatization of organization functioning and design of multiple techniques and artificial human surrounding. By turn, in the capacity of applied field, where an information technologies are used in the most efficient way, an elementary computer base is chosen in Microsystems-form (System-in-a Chip and System-in-a Package). Even during the studying years you could become a participant of researching program of the solid-state satellite which weights only few kilos and that is second to none in respect to modern satellites which weights tones.

Specialists in this area have deep knowledge in parallel computer architecture and multi-core processors, algorithms of concurrent processing, tools of parallel programming, divided data bases and computation; they, even, make use of Internet in engineering collaboration, and are conversant in modern programs of computer optimal design projecting of engineering objects and socio-economical systems, invariant designed procedures and algorithms, could integrate project modules with a glance of modern standards for data formats and also understand peculiarities of MEMS (microelectrical-, mechanical systems) etc. Students are also versed in computer programs for image discerning and processing, geometrical simulation, computer vision, animation systems and computer graphics, virtual reality systems, network multimedia informational sources design aids.

A group of 6 department masters is involved in research which is devoted to creation of supplement for modern clusters in CE of electronic circuits and in research of methodology and assets of computer chips designing and nanocircuits on the mutual basis with Melexis laboratory.

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