Computer Science

The course “computer science” has already existed for some years. It means the active use of computers in science, technology, business, public health and many other kinds of human activity by the development of knoware and software for a wide range of practical applications; for structuring, management and processing of different kinds of information; for computerization of researches and for designing, for the improvement of the computer system intelligence; for the creation of communication and entertainment media; for the search and collection of information needed for  specific purposes and so on.

Computer science gives great opportunities for the successful career and those who work in the sphere of computer science, play a key role in the formation of modern information society. It is important that the sphere of computer science all over the world attracts the best students from different social strata that by-turn allows to prepare competent and responsible professionals, scientists and engineers.

Computer science includes a wide range of issues from calculation theory to programming. The experience of leading countries and the own experience of SP department shows that experts of computer science are successfully involved in the following three areas:

  • Development and implementation of software. Experts are invited to work as programmers on the perspective posts. They are charged to coordinate the work of the other programmers who are rather unaware of new approaches of programming.
  • Search and development of new ways of computer usage. Advances in computer networking, databases and knowledge, friendly interface “man – computer” allowed to create Web-service and the Internet. Nowadays, researchers are working to develop the global Grid-net for sharing computer power and data warehouse. Grid allows not only to exchange data between computers but also to transform their global net in a gigantic virtual computer, which is available in the remote access from anywhere regardless of the user’s location.
  • Development of effective ways of solving the computerization problems. For example, experts of computer science are developing effective means of information storage in databases, data transmission through computer networks and compound data displaying. Their theoretical fundamental training allows them to find the best of all the possible solutions and their knowledge of algorithms helps to develop new approaches that provide better functionality and productivity of the developing objects and systems.

The better the fundamental and special training of experts is in the high school, the more effectively and creatively they work. Therefore, it is great that students of IASA and FICS (Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science) can get more perfect mathematical training.


Educational Program for Bachelors of Computer Science

The educational program for bachelors of computer science is based on the following international standards: educational program Computing Curricula 2004 prepared jointly by the International Association of Computing (ACM), the Association of Informational Systems (AIS) and the Computer Community (IEEE – CS).

The educational program of the department does not only focused on disciplines of computer technologies of programming but also on the advanced courses of mathematics and system engineering that provide students with broad knowledge and skills in the sphere of modern computing facilities and information technologies. It facilitates the possibility of student mobility between thousands of world universities, where the similar educational programs are realized, from the University of California at Berkeley and the Technological Institute of Massachusetts (USA) to the University of Science and Technology in Pohanzi (South Korea).

The training of students is carried out on the basis of interdisciplinary by combining the components of engineering and science in solving problems of computerization and the development of computer applications.

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