System analysis

Graduate Bachelor of specialty "systems analysis" must possess certain competencies and have:

- knowledge and skills necessary for comprehensive analysis, forecasting, planning and decision making in complex systems of various nature-based systematic methodology of mathematical methods and software tools using modern information technology, basic and applied methods of analysis and synthesis for solving problems in various fields of science, engineering, finance, socio-economic and political spheres, the global and local environmental problems and the national economy in general;

- basic concepts of philosophy, history and cultural history of Ukraine, knowledge of business and professionally oriented Ukrainian and foreign languages, basics of pedagogy;

- fundamental notions, concepts and facts of computer science, applied mathematics, complex systems theory, methods of system analysis and decision making.

Training Bachelor of system analysis applys his willingness into work and acquires skills in information technology ,mathematical and computer modeling of processes and different nature systems , the problems of forecasting, optimization, system analysis and decision-making, etc.

Graduate Bachelor must know:
- Disciplines of  liberal and socio-economic training;
- The basis of mathematical and natural-scientific training to the extent necessary for the successful acquisition of theoretical and applied aspects of system analysis and informatics;
- Profile and specific disciplines of professional and practical training for the formation of knowledge, abilities, skills and competencies in theoretical and applied aspects of system analysis.

Bachelor should be able to:
- combine fundamental research and practical training, know his own specialty very well;
- use  the principles of scientific activity in practice, apply the obtained knowledge in mathematics sphere, system analysis and computer science to solve specific methodological, scientific, industrial, information retrieval and other tasks;
- use modern information and computer technology for construction and maintenance of computerized information systems in various fields of science and national economy;
- systematically improve his skills, continuously update his or her knowledge and extend the socio-political outlook;

Graduate Bachelor must be capable of:

- performing specific job functions under the qualifying characteristics;
- solving professional, social, industrial and welfare typical problems.
After a training program of a bachelor degree 040 303 "System Analysis" the graduate may continue study for master degree in the field: "System Analysis and Control" and "Systems and methods of decision-making”, passing the selection according to standard rules of enrollment of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

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