Systems and methods of decision-making

Experts of this speciality receive the qualification of "system analyst" in the field of intelligent decision-making systems (DMS) design. Expert's working tools and software support in this case are similar to the tools and fundamental mathematical training of "System analysis and management" specialty.

By the professional and practical training students acquire knowledge on the basics of system mathematics, methods of decision-making under conflict, complex networks modelling methods, methods of hierarchies’ analysis in DMS, fuzzy models and methods in DMS, Bayesian networks and decision trees in DMS.

For in-depth study of specific areas of decision-making system design the following specializations have been introduced:

"Decision-making systems in macroeconomics and business" — according to the specialization students study case-methods in economics and business, methods of investment projects analysis and optimization, financial markets modelling and analysis, computer information technology in economics and finance, risk management, acquire knowledge on computer decision-making systems in complex economic systems.

"Decision-making systems in project management" — in accordance with the SAP worldwide association students study project management methods, SAP tools, business processes modelling and automation.

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