Double diploma

Double diploma programme in co-operation with Unіversіty of Іndіanapolіs

Students of NTUU “KPI” have an opportunity to complete training in the branch of Unіversіty of Іndіanapolіs in Athens (Greece) or in the USA and to obtain two credentials. The students of NTUU “KPI” have an opportunity to study for a bachelor’s or master’s degrees.

Participants of “Double diploma” programme will make

a study according to the curriculum that is previously coordinated by two universities. A test passed in one university – is a credit passed in the other one.

Education is on a paying basis but there are also some facilities for study. Two diplomas will increase chances to obtain employment and make a successful career.

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Double diploma programme in co-operation with Korea Іnstіtute of Scіence and Technology (KIST)

In 2008 NTUU “KPI” and Korea Іnstіtute of Scіence and Technology (KIST) signed a “double diploma” agreement. Holders of a master's degree and graduate students have the opportunity to complete training in: electronics, chemistry, computer science, biotechnology etc.

Korea Іnstіtute of Scіence and Technology  is one of the oldest and the most prestigious institutes of Korea. KIST is focused on multidisciplinary research programs which meet requirements of up-to-date technology at national level.

The program includes:

Lectures and scientific research:

  • lectures in Ukraine (1/2 of education);
  • laboratory research in KIST (1/2 of education).

Branches of education:

  • material engineering and manufacturing process;
  • intellectual manufacturing system;
  • energy technology and environmental engineering;
  • biological science.

Educational maintenance allowance:

  • master's degree program – 800$ per month;
  • post-graduate education – 1100$ per month.

Grant's services:

  • health and accident insurance;
  • tuition fees;
  • everyday meal.

For more information contact: ESC "Institute of Applied System Analysis".

Double diploma program in co-operation with Ecole Polytechnique

Ecole Polytechnique recruits  the best students who completed two or three years of undergraduate studies in Science or  Engineering. Potential candidates must have an excellent command of Mathematics and Physics, which can be testified by the fact that they have received awards at Olympiads,  National and International Contests, or passed their university diplomas with honors.

In the first part of the program, general

education focuses on multidisciplinary, in-depth scientific training. During this period a student is to master at least six different subjects from the following:
  • mathematics;
  • applied mathematics;
  • computer science;
  • physics;
  • mechanics;
  • chemistry;
  • biology;
  • economics.

In the second part of the program students choose specializations from a wide range of domains, ranging from mentioned above theoretical subjects  to more applied fields, such as:

  • microelectronics;
  • financial mathematics;
  • mechanical engineering.

Courses are mainly given in French.


Double diploma program in co-operation with ParisTEch


Double diploma program in co-operation with Tallinn University of Technology and University of Tartu