Tymoschuk Oksana


Ph.D., Deputy Dean of the department of System Research of National and International Educational Programs, Internships and Employment of Students, Associate Professor of the chair of Mathematical Methods of System Analysis.

Office: 43-14 building

Tel: +380 44 454 9707

E-mail: send letter

Education and Activities:

Higher Education, in 1983 graduated from Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, the Department of Systems Management, specializing in "Applied Mathematics". The Candidate thesis "Optimal-rate Adaptive Management of Stochastic Processes" (1991, Academic Advisor — Academician M.Z. Zgurovskyi).

She began her professional activity as an engineer-mathematician in Kiev Research Institute of Electronic Radio Equipment of Production Association named after S.P. Koroliov. Since 01.11.1985 till 01.11.1988 — a postgraduate student of the Department of Technical Cybernetics, Kiev Polytechnic Institute. From 01.11.1988 — a junior scientific worker, assistant, associate professor of the Department of Mathematical Methods of System Analysis of ESC "IASA" NTUU "KPI".
Since 1998, she is responsible for employment, production and diploma practice of the Department of Mathematical Methods of System Analysis students. She implements innovative educational partnership programs with leading IT companies. O.L.Tymoschuk is a coordinator of the international program "University Alliance SAP" in Ukraine and NTUU "KPI". In the framework of the program "University Alliance SAP" she is responsible for organizing and forming of master's specialization "Information Management and Automation of Business Processes", "System Analysis in Projects Management".

She is a member of the Methodological Committee of the 0403 branch of knowledge – "System Sciences and Cybernetics" MES of Ukraine, Academic Secretary of Scientific and Methodical Committee of Ukraine in "System Analysis", a member of the Working Group of the Industry Standard development of higher education in Ukraine, specialty 6.040303 – "System Analysis".

She is an expert in the Expert Council on Educational Publications of NTUU "KPI".

Scientific and Pedagogical Work:

O.L. Tymoschuk has over 50 scientific, educational and methodical publications in national and international editions; gives lectures on the discipline: "The Theory of Programming" for second-year students, "Languages of Artificial Intelligence" for fourth-year students, "Integrated Systems of Design and Control" for fifth-year students, "IT (SAP) Projects Management" for students of the sixth course. She administers the diploma planning of bachelors, specialists and masters.

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