Pshenychnyi Borys

Pshenychnyy.jpg Borys Pshenychnyi
(1937 – 2000)

A distinguished scientist in the field of mathematics and cybernetics, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor, Academician of NASU, laureate of Lenin Komsomol Prize named after Ostrovsky, USSR State Prize (1978), USSR State Prize (1981), was awarded the Diploma of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, laureate of the Prize named after Glushkov (1994), State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology (1999), Professor of the Educational-Scientific Complex «Institute for Applied System Analysis»

Education and Activity

In 1959 he graduated from Lviv State University, specializing in mathematics. Until 1996 he had worked at the Institute of Cybernetics named after Glushkov of NASU as a junior researcher, senior researcher, head of the Department of computational methods (1969). In 1964 he defended his candidate’s thesis and in 1969 — doctoral. In 1974 he was entitled to a Professor. Since 1985 — a corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, since 1992 — Academician of Sciences. In 1996 he was invited to hold the chair of the Department of Numerical Methods of Optimization of the ESC «IASA» NTUU “KPI” MESU and NASU.

Scientific Activity

He was the head of the Ukrainian school of the theory methods of optimal control problems and differential games, convex analysis and optimal control. The works of Pshenychnyi in the field of necessary conditions of extremum allowed to embrace different classes of problems of Chebyshev approximation, optimal control, multiple displays from the only view point. He formulated the principle of maximum for differential inclusions and extended it to problems with operator constraints. He also devised the linearization method, which is at present the most effective tool for the numerical solution to many problems of conditional optimization. His research was related to models of economic dynamics, the theory of differential equations solution stability, numerical methods for non-smooth optimization. Pshenychnyi Borys Mykolaiovych developed the theory of necessary conditions of extremum for the solution to mathematical programming problems, optimal control and differential games. He suggested efficient numerical methods of nonlinear programming and computational mathematics.

Pshenychnyi published over 170 scientific works, among them — 8 monographs, translated into German, French and English by such publishers as “Myr” (Moscow), «Teubner» (FRH), «Marcel Dekker» (USA), «Springer» (Germany).

He is a Laureate of the Lenin Komsomol Prize named after Ostrovsky; USSR State Prize (1978) for 2-volume «Encyclopedia of Cybernetics»; USSR State Prize (1981) for a series of works printed in 1962-1979 for the creation and broad introduction of modern mathematical optimization methods, he was awarded the Diploma of the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Soviet, a laureate of the Prize named after Glushkov (1994), State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology (1999).

Pedagogical Work

An excellent speaker and gifted scientist, Pshenychnyi B.M. had been giving lectures at the Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University for many years, and in recent years –  at NTUU «KPI». He qualified more than 50 Candidates and 10 Doctors of Sciences who are working not only in Ukraine but also abroad. He was invited to give lectures as a visiting professor to Harvard University (the USA), the Sorbonne (France), Humboldt University (Germany) and many others.

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