Makarenko Oleksandr


Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor of ESC "IASA"

Direction: Applied Non-linear Analysis

Position: Head of department

Office: 111–35

Tel: +380 44 406 8705

E-mail: send letter

Education: Moscow Phisici- Technical Institute. The High Post-Graduate department of NTUU (KPI)

Science activity:

  1. Investigation on heat and mass transfer in fast processes with memory and nonlocality effects. Searching blow-up solution, low-dimensional and infinite dimensional chaos. Investigations of hyperbolic heat conduction equation;
  2. Development of numerical methods for differential equations of mathematical physics. Construction of new schemes for discontinuous and blow – up solutions;
  3. Mathematical modeling of global processes in large socio- economical systems. It was proposed entirely new models based on associative memory property. The models are applied to sustainable development, stock market, conflict processes, and epidemiology.
  4. Modeling and prognoses of geopolitical relations. It was developed new models on the basis of associative memory approach, computer models and made some geopolitical prognoses for Europe.
  5. Implementation of geoinformation systems for different goals. GIS – based models for radionuclide spreading after Chernobyl, floods modeling, ecological problems, demographical, economical and election prediction.
  6. Investigation on complexity measure and information content in non probabilistic object. It was proposed entirely new measure of complexity based on symmetry properties of object. The applications to pattern recognition, genetic code and computer program analysis are anticipated.
  7. Development and application different neuronal networks for theoretical and practical applications.
  8. Development and application signal processing and pattern recognition methods including medicine (spike recognition and epilepsy seizure recognition), geoinformational application, and financial problems)
  9. Mathematical modeling of different technological processes (heat and mass transfer, dynamical elasticity, hydrodynamics, wetting photoresist, semiconductors with re-emission, ecological pollutions).

Hobby: traveling, conversations with interesting people