Systems research


The faculty of System Research was established in 2007 on the basis of the ‘Department of Mathematical Methods of System Analysis’ (MMSA) and the ‘Department of Computer Aided Design’ (CAD), which changed its name to the ‘Department of System Design’ (SD).

The Department of MMSA was established in 1988 with aim to make an intensive development of basic and applied research in applied mathematics and analysis. Until 1997 this department functioned in NTUU ‘KPI’ at the faculty of Applied Mathematics. In 1997 the Institute was created and this Department became its integral part.

The Department of CAD was established in 1972 and it was the first in Ukraine and one of the first in the USSR, who began prepared specialists in the field of computer systems design. By June 2006 the Department of CAD functioned in NTUU ‘KPI’ at the Faculty of Electronics and then joined the ESC ‘IASA’. This contributed to a reunification of efforts and enhancing the experience of two recognized groups, whose aim was to prepare the prominent specialists in computer science, and also this was done with the aim to provide more complex researches conducted in the IASA.

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