Applied nonlinear analysis

Department of Applied Nonlinear Analysis

Head of the Department: Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor O.S. Makarenko. The department carries out research on decision-making theory in the vagueness condition, theories of the uncountable dynamic systems, methods of evaluation and management of nonlinear systems with up diffused parameters, nonlinear maximum problems for differential equations and variation inequalities in derivative, guided Marks processes, bifurcation mechanisms of burning of multicomponent fuels; simulation and phenomenological models of dynamics of public processes.

The latest development:

1. «Methods of non-linear analysis and topological methods of variation inequalities and evolution inclusions» — research manager N.V. Andreev;

2. «Design, investigation and applications of principally new models of socio-economic systems» — research manager  A.S. Makarenko;

3. «Differential-operator inclusions and evolutionary variational inequalities in infinite-dimensional spaces» — research manager A.S. Makarenko.

4. «Neuronal networks and multi-agent models, scenario and geo-information approaches in social-economical systems research» — research manager A.S. Makarenko.

5. «Functional-topological methods of analysis and optimum control of nonlinear systems with distributed parameters at phase constraints» — research manager V.S. Melnyk

6. «Forecasting of evolution of macroeconomic and social processes on the basis of transformation of official statistical information» — research manager V.S. Melnyk

7. «Development of methods and algorithms for analysis and optimal control of nonlinear singular systems» — research manager V.S. Melnyk

8. «Development of analysis methods, evaluation and optimal control for nonlinear unmeasured dynamic systems in uncertain conditions» — research manager V.S. Melnyk