Information resources


Department of Information Resources (INFORES)

Head — Doctor of Engineering and Sciences, State prize winner of Ukraine in Science and Technology, Honored Scientist of Ukraine Anatoly Petrenko.

The Department conducts basic and applied research in mathematical computer-aided design software, such as: automatic methods of mathematical models of objects as algebraic differential equations or equations of state for describing their structure and components; implicit numerical integration methods, which automatically changes the order from 1 to 6, during the calculations obtained «hard» equation of mathematical models, ensuring convergence of the decision and given the error, methods of solving ill-conditioned problems linearizovanyh very large dimension, new methods of parametric optimization of variable order, which, unlike existing if necessary use additional members of the Taylor series for the objective function with the third and fourth derivatives, which are approximated by a matrix known Jacobi and Hesse, the method of «centering» the decision in multi space that enhances the viability of objects when changing their parameters, methods for joint modeling of several physical effects in an object (such as electrical and heat state) solutions of paralleling methods of mathematical model for distributed computer systems or clusters, etc..

On the basis of original methods, mentioned above, the development and introduction of competitive computer systems design is for different purposes, such as the development of promising microelectronic-mechanical systems (MEMS).