Mathematical methods of system analysis

Department of Mathematical Methods of System Analysis

Head of the Department: Professor, Dr. Sc. N.D. Pankratova, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine.

The department carries out fundamental and applied research in the field of system analysis as the applied scientific methodology intended for research of difficult interdisciplinary problems of different nature. Methodological and theoretical bases of for­malization and decision of interdisciplinary problems concerning different subject branches are formulated from the position of systems approach. There are developing methods of system problems formalization, their leading to the solvable form in the real terms characterized by multitude of contradictory aims, and different types of vague nesses and risks. Computational algorithms and procedures of decision of practical problems of interdisciplinary character are created for the row of applications which belong to scientific technical and social economic spheres of man's activity. In particular, methodology and applied technologies of information and knowledge based societies are developed.

Students of the Institute are drawn to scientific work and executing of scientific projects

Along with the use of theory and methods of sys­tem and scenario analysis, decision-making, technological foresight, strategic planning, the wide intro­duction of difficult interdependent systems of the different setting, which function in the conditions of vague nesses, and sets of conflicting aims and risks, is carried out.

The latest development:

1. «Development of an integrated technology system design, safety control and diagnosis of complex technical objects under conditions of uncertainty and multifactorial risk» — research manager N.D. Pankratova;

2. «Development of Databases Complex and Processing Algorithms for System Prediction of Complex Anthropogenic and Natural Systems Behavior» – Research Advisor M.Z. Zgurovskyi

3. «Development of scientific-methodical supply and software for identifying advanced areas of innovation technologies development on the level of the large companies, industries and regions based on the technology of prediction» — research manager N.D. Pankratova;

4. «Development of Methods and Scenarios of Future Events Modelling Techniques» — research manager N.D. Pankratova;

5. «Mathematical Models Development and Global Modelling of Sustainable Development Processes» — research manager M.Z. Zgurovsky

6. «System management of safety and capacity of difficult technical systems in conditions of multifactor risks» — research manager N.D. Pankratova;

7. «System researches and applications of the diagnostics facilities for the analysis of the explosions influence on the iron-ore careers of the Crooked Horn on building» — research manager Y.I. Kalyukh.

8. «Development of informative platform of scenario analysis as the base tool for technological foresight» — research manager M.Z. Zgurovskyi

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