Olympiad courses

Olympiad math course

The classes Olympiad course solved the problem of mathematical analysis, linear algebra, analytic geometry and other branches of mathematics.

Tutor — Andrew Ilienko. Classes are held every Tuesday, beginning at 16:10, room 432-7. Everyone is welcome.

More details at Students’ council ESC «IASA» (14 building, оffice 50).

Olympiad programming course

proga.jpgParticipants programming competition of
«IASA» 2010

The knowledge basis of every specialist in software development doesn’t consist of awareness of all programming languages and tons of literature for them. According to the experience of Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Yandex and other large IT corporations, the specialist (prepared also by IASA) cannot be regarded as high level one, if he did not pay attention to the programming base: algorithms and data structures.

Discovering the fun of this area starts with student’s competitions in programming. Influential organization of ACM (Association for Computer Machinery) organizes World Championship ACMICPC (International Collegiate Programming Contest) for more than 30 years. During the history of championship, the winners were from China, Russia, Poland, Canada, USA and others. There are a huge number of other championships, organized by the world-famous companies. They have a simple goal: to learn, to train and to select the best programmers and analysts from all over the world.

If you’re the student of the IASA, owner of the algorithmic mind constitution, participant of school competitions or simply interested in software development, we'd love to see you in our circle of sports programming. And remember, student years are the most suitable time for learning interesting things.

Classes leads ACMICPC Cup finalist Dmitry Korduban. Classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday, beginning at 16:00, room 07-13. Everyone is welcome. More details: Dmitry Korduban (e-mail: send a letter) or Students’ council ESC «IASA» (14 building, оffice 50).

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