ESC "IASA" cooperates with leading financial and investment companies, IT private sector companies and research organizations that act as employers for graduates of the Institute:


About Us

EPAM Systems is a leading company which provides services in the field of software development in Russia, CIS countries, the USA, Central and Eastern Europe. Established in 1993, EPAM Systems has 29 offices in 9 countries today, and is still continuing to grow steadily.

Carrying out projects for the largest corporations and cooperating with the world leading software developers, EPAM Systems has acquired the unique experience in such areas as:

designing on the orders of the largest manufacturers of software applications for the life-cycle products managing; corporate information portals, customer relationship management system, application integration servers, content management systems, knowledge management systems, circulation of documents management systems;

  • designing of the applications that meet the requirements of modern service-oriented architectures (SOA);
  • creation and deployment of electronic systems of procurement and marketing management;
  • creation of the portals of large enterprises and holding companies with advanced means of data analysis and knowledge management;
  • applications integration in distributed systems, design, consolidation and adjustment of the corporate reference books and catalogs;
  • testing and documentation of corporate applications;
  • implementation of ERP, PLM, CRM, SCM solutions and analytical systems, strategic planning and budgeting in certain branches;
  • analysis of the infrastructure and information resources, design and business processes reengineering, management of modernization and development of information systems projects;

Among the clients of EPAM Systems are: "Gazprom Neft", "RosNeft", BMZ, Mozyr NPZ, "Rosenergoatom", the Russian Federal Property Fund, "Silovye Mashiny", FSK, BES, Rusal, "Severstal", "VimpelCom", "Renaissance-Capital", airline S7, SAP, Microsoft, BEA Systems, Reuters, Fіtch, Hyperіon, Samsung Amerіca, Colgate Palmolіve, AeroMexіco, Coca-Cola, London Stock Exchange and others.

Training and the opportunity to launch a career

EPAM Systems pays great attention to training and professional development of employees and professionals. The suggested program will primarily interest those who want to fulfil their potential and become full members of EPAM Systems in the future. Basing on years of experience of EPAM Systems in the IT field, the company established its own Training Center. The purpose of its functioning is professional development and training of entry-level specialists involved in designing, creation and testing of software products.

EPAM Systems invites students of the 3-5th courses and specialists with technical education for collaboration. We offer a free of charge training in modern technologies of development and testing of software with the further employment in the company. You can submit an application form and get all needed information on site of Training Center.



About Us

The company "Fordon Logistics", headquartered in Kyiv, was founded in October 2005. The long-term strategy of the company is the development and management of the national network of the modern park of logistics infrastructure and its use on the basis of the highest standards of international know-how with the aim of creating highly-developed Supply Company Chain Management, providing irreproachable service to third parties on the international and transnational levels.

The project provides for the construction of logistics terminals in 5 locations (partly in combination with container terminals). The first step is to launch a new storage terminal Class A in Kyiv, "Chaika". The second step is the construction of a large warehouse with the area of 50,000 sq.m. in Odessa. The operations with groceries (deep freeze, perishable goods, meat products, room temperature products) and also with non-groceries ranges (e.g. electronics) are planned there.

The new infrastructure will give the opportunity for the Ukrainian Market to develop in line with the movement of goods flows, both internationally and transnationally. Ideal strategic location of Ukraine between the CIS countries and the European Union, taking into account the development of this infrastructure, will contribute to even greater attractiveness of its market for future transport strategies in this part of the world.


To be a constantly improving provider of SCM services, which intends to provide customers with the service that will help them improve the quality of their business, optimize financial results by means of the inclusion, both in the strategy and the operational business of integrated systems of the flow of goods chains management.

To turn the flow of goods chain in the company into the optimally efficient process, which satisfies a consumer, at which the efficiency of the whole chain is more important than the efficiency of the individual performance taken apart.


NetCracker_zgur.jpgMeeting director of IASA
M.Z. Zgurovsky with Vice President
NetCracker Technology V.M. Sedunovym

About Us

NetCracker is one of the most famous companies in the world market which develops and implements complex information systems — OSS — an analogue of ERP systems for the large telecommunication companies.

OSS (Operation Support System) works with terabytes of data and integrates a large amount of subsystems: the physical and logical sypply of network infrastructure, service and orders management, CRM, billing, etc. It is typical of other ERP-systems types (intended for other areas) and so they all use the latest hi-tech achievements (layered architecture, powerful integration tools, cluster technology, etc.).

However, OSS-system is more complex and interesting than traditional ERP-systems. OSS processes not only "normal data" type of customer, services or money, but also data on hi-tech, a telecommunications network, which is a sophisticated structure based on ultra fast developing technologies. Therefore the OSS is a hi-tech and OSS developers solve complex and often highly-intensive tasks.

The product of NetCracker OSS has entered the market relatively recently (in 2000), so it is free from necessity to maintain old modules, and is truly innovative system, best in the ideological and technical terms, entirely based on the Web. And due to the fact that  NetCracker is an innovative company, it develops very fast every year, increasing the activity volume by 50-70% during past five years around the world. The Headquarters of NetCracker are in Boston (the USA) and representative offices are in Canada (Vancouver), Western Europe (London), Eastern Europe (Moscow, Kiev), Asia (Kuala Lumpur) and Australia (Sydney).

What do innovative companies do? And what does NetCracker do in particular?

Innovation requires the ability to capture time in the endless sea of business and people needs (who are changing faster and faster) such requirements that are more important than others and thus bring more money. By the end of XX century there had already existed a large network, but it was not powerful and cheap network equipment. Therefore the urgent question was how to use the equipment best to achieve the required carrying capacity in each network segment and not to spend extra money. In 1996 NetCracker product was designed for networks designing and modeling, and it quickly entered the U.S. market by offering the effective solution to this problem.

In the 2000's it became more profitable to buy more powerful equipment and lay more lines than think over the network optimization. But accounting network equipment was not a trivial problem (network operators have enlarged greatly, and have separated units into a multilevel hierarchical system with interchangeability of components). In addition the equipment has become multi-function: a single device supports multiple protocols and technologies. And NetCracker offered a completely different product in time — OSS, which allowed its customers to manage their network infrastructure and provide services efficiently.

The company NetCracker has been training students in educational institutions of different universities for more than 6 years, and it is cooperating with MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA), «MIPT» and «Moscow State University (Russia), as well as with other universities.

Cooperation with KPI

In February 2007 NetCracker with NTUU "KPI" began training the first in Ukraine Scientific-Research Center (UC) for the preparation of the "top" experts in the field, which can be defined as the "butt" of Telecommunications and Information Technology. Curriculum Center is optional and aligned with the academic program of CPD. Learning center for students of KPI is free of charge. Students of 3-4 year are invited to attend, the selection will be held on the competitive basis.

The program involves giving series of lectures and tutorials on software development in J2EE for UC students, with modern telecommunication technologies, development and configuration management systems for telecommunication operators, etc.

5-6-year students successfully combine teaching and research activities with career and professional growth and training in the company centers around the world.

Where should you go if you want to join the Innovation NetCracker?

If you have questions about training and admission fee in the training center MIPT (2-3 years), please contact the manager of the center Natalia Ilyin. If you have some general questions, questions about scientific work and internships (2-4 years), please contact the manager of training and research department of NetCracker Alexei Evdokimov.

SAP Ukraine


SAP is the world's leading supplier of software solutions for business management, designed for all types of industries and for every market. The SAP company, founded in 1972, whose headquarters are located in Waldorf, Germany, is the world's largest software developer and ranks as a third one among the Independent Software Companies in the world.

The SAP business management helps businesses around the world improve customer relationships, enhancing synergies with partners and increase the efficiency of companies within the supply chain and business operations. These decisions are based on the platform of SAP NetWeaver, which supports innovation and provides business changes. SAP Industry solutions effectively support the unique key business processes of more than 25 industries, including the high technology, health-care, retailing, public and financial sectors and many others.

SAP company entered the Ukrainian market in 1995. The functions of the Ukrainian unit of SAP, LLC «SAP Ukraine» are to sell and support SAP software, services concerning implementation, users training, monitoring and mapping changes of the Ukrainian legislation in the decisions of SAP.

Ltd. «Art Master»


Ltd. «Art Master» works in the IT market of Ukraine more than 8-years. Currently the company employs over 500 people.

Its main activities «Art Master» are:

  • software development;
  • GIS solutions;
  • information security;
  • services digital signature;
  • training in IT;
  • consulting;
  • technical and technological support;
  • sales of licensed software.



Incom, the largest Ukrainian IT-company that offers services in Information Technology Leadership Incom confirm: unique, innovative design, successful projects throughout Ukraine, more than 1900 skilled professionals, 30 branches, providing high quality support and service locally

The main activities are:

  • Business Solutions;
  • Engineering Infrastructure;
  • IT-Consulting
  • Security complex;
  • Training and certification of IT-specialists;
  • Servers and storage systems;
  • Network and Telecommunications.

All units of Inkom closely interact with each other and combined to create complex integrated comprehensive solutions that include all of the above directions. Thus, customers realize the most complex companies, including geographically distributed projects, with a single service provider. For each object Incom professionals provide clients with consulting services, including financial and economic analysis in terms of its effectiveness, and optimal payback period.

Research Institute for Applied Information Technology


Research Institute for Applied Information Technology was formed October 21, 1999. From 20.06.2000r. The Institute is part of the Cybernetic Center of NAS of Ukraine

The number of Institute staff in 2005 was 168 people

The Institute has extensive experience with the accumulation of large amounts of data and analysis, custom development of software to support workflow management systems, integrated information security and solved with a wide range of tasks

The Institute is a leader in the country to develop and implement hardware and software protection. SRI AIT develops and uses in its products the most advanced encryption own production that are certified and registered in UkrSEPRO State Intellectual Property Department. Conducts research and the technique of introduction of technical protection of information based on modern principles — biometric systems, systems that use smart cards, pattern recognition systems

Materialise Academy


Educational program for students, called Materialise Academy, starts in May 2010.

If you are:

  • 3+ year student;
  • you have basic C++ skills;
  • you have basic OOP idea;
  • you do not have working experience;
  • but you do have willingness to start your career in a big IT company

You are welcome to apply to this educational program!

What will I study at Materialise Academy? How long will it take?

We have developed an unique program which you hardly meet in any University. It will be an intensive, interactive education on the following subjects:

  • software project life cycle;
  • version control systems, configuration control;
  • OOP and C++ programming;
  • OOD patterns;
  • requirements management;
  • software testing;
  • team work

3 months course includes everyday lessons with duration of 4 hours per day.

What benefits will I have?
Every student will receive a student grant during education. At the end of Materialise Academy you will pass a technical interview and in case of success you will be offered a job at Materialise.

How can I apply to Materialise Academy?

If you are interested in taking part in Materialise Academy program, please send a cover letter and your CV with detailed information about your education, career ambitions, etc. Any other questions? Send a letter.

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