Our hostel is almost 50 years old. A lot of big friendly “families” have been living here during this time. Conditions of living become better from year to year and the hostel for hundreds of students is "the second home". Now it is really important for students to have a gym, tennis hall, billiards, canteen, working hall and special place for cycles there. The work of the Hostel Student Council is really important and appreciated, because it is a big responsibility and honour at the same time. All residents of "the fourteenth" gladly facilitate to the labour of students who work for the common good, who persistently  defend position and represent a hostel interests  in the higher institutions, who efficiently in command solve spontaneous and longstanding problems of our common home and us as residents of it. In the hostel it is always arranged an interesting entertainment, sports and cultural life.

Welcome to our united family, to our "home", to "the fourteenth"!

Address: 03057, Kiev, prov.Kovalskyy 5

Head: Ljudmila Bushylo

Matron: Irina Bilotska.

Social worker: Yuliya Humeniuk

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