Course training


Dean of the Faculty L.M. Hrapata

FCT carries out teaching for students of IASA and other institutes and faculties of NTUU «KPI», and also schoolboys, listeners with secondary, middle higher education who wish to get deep knowledge on certain course programs of foreign languages oriented on possession of foreign languages, business etiquette, good manners and professional qualities. For today FCT offers the multilevel system of foreign languages studying. One of the main tasks of Faculty is to do all the best for the maximal improvement of educational process, for overcoming the language barrier of listeners. FCT offers the study of foreign languages with the effective programs which are developed by methodical council, and contain works of Faculty's professors, the best achievements of Ukrainian and world practice. In the process of studies, there is used modern literature of Great Britain, the USA, Germany. The faculty has a video hall, where the courses of videos are hold and feature films from English speaking countries are demonstrated. Thus, the passive study of language is realized, with purpose to get the skills of its understanding. Teachers were passing internship in Great Britain and Germany, and now they have the possibility of experience exchange with the colleagues from universities of these countries. They create situations which motivate the active study of language. The efficiency of studies depends a lot from their actor's and director's skills to create psychologically convenient atmosphere. Individual approach to every listener is the important moment in the work of Faculty. Studies on FCT open to listeners new possibilities in their personal life and career and make them desirable specialists in the most prestige organizations.