System Analysis and Management

Experts of this speciality are system analysts in complex systems of different nature (economic, financial, social, political, technical, administrative, environmental).

A system analyst is a specialist who is able to develop a project to solve the problem regardless of the field. The working tools of a system analyst are modeling, optimization and operation research methods, methods of sustainable development, forecasting and risk technique, management and decision-making theory, game and conflict theory, expert assessment and others. In ESC "IASA", significant attention is paid to the study of this toolkit and the ability to use it. Mathematical support at system analysts' training is characterized by the fullness and diversity of mathematical methods studied at the courses of mathematical analysis, algebra and geometry, differential equations, discrete mathematics, functional analysis, probability theory and mathematical statistics, mathematical logic and theory of algorithms, mathematical physics equations, random processes, automata and formal languages of computational methods theory.

Software complexes of system analysis are implemented on operating systems Unix, Windows-NT, programming languages C, C++, Java, relational and object-oriented database management systems (DBMS).

For in-depth study of certain fields of the system analysis methodology ESC "IASA" have the following specializations:

"Financial market system analysis" — according to the specialization students receive knowledge on financial mathematics, corporate finance, economic systems modelling, statistic analysis of economic processes, methods of macroeconomics and finance forecasting, risk management.

"Project management system analysis" — according to the specialization students receive knowledge on basic theory of major business projects management, decision-making support systems in project management, SAP tools, business process modeling.

"Sustainable development and state governance system research" — students study the elements of catastrophe theory, sustainable development modelling, strategic management in terms of sustainable development, global risks of sustainable development, basics of the state governance.

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