Pre-Institute training

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Faculty has such an organizational system of studies, which allows scholars of Kyiv and other regions of Ukraine to find the suitable forms of studies according to plan of preinstitute training.

Training courses

Deep preparation on competitive disciplines is oriented on the requirements of IASA and other institutes and faculties of NTUU «KPI». There exists the form of evening studies for the students of 10th, 11th forms. Tel.: +3800 44 454 9702.

Let's pay attention to the fact that programs of training of students of 10th forms are developed to

coordinate their subsequent studies in FPT and in 11th form.


Dean of the Faculty Professor, DSc G.G. VLASIUK

FPT is the subsection of Institute the purpose of which is the professional orientation of students, with the purpose of capa­bilities and skills finding, making based recommendations con­cerning the choice of future profession, and preparation for

taking part in exams ahead of schedule.

FPT is founded in 1998. Faculty carries out the qualitative selection and fundamental training of young people for entering IASA as well as other institutes and faculties of NTUU «KPI», that is why the leading specialists of IASA, NTUU «KPI» and other educational establishments, namely professors, doctors of sciences, associated professors, candidates of sciences, experimental teachers, work at the Faculty.

The plan of training of listeners foresees auditorium studies as well as knowledge verification by rating measures (individual attestation works from on separate sections of mathematics, physics and plan attestation control works).

After graduating listeners of Faculty have a right to take part in the finishing complex attestation testing (examination). These measures are developed and conducted with the Center of Testing and Monitoring of Knowledge of NTUU «KPI».

Training department

Stationary training of young people who already have secondary education gives possibility to study to people who have an interruption in education and want to raise their level of knowledge to enter the university.

External studies

Connects internal and external forms of studies, gives possibility of training to enter the university, independently of residence.

Department of lyceums and specialized classes

Fundamental training of students on the base of leading lyceums, high schools, schools, with the method of FPT (on the proper agreements).

Department of intensive studies

There is profound training on competitive disciplines for university entrants from other places of Ukraine. There is Saturday form of studies for students of 11th forms.

Application reception on all departments is from May, 15.

FPT courses begin from September — October.

Training department for foreign citizens

On FPT Faculty study foreign students who intend to enter the higher educational establishment of Ukraine on directions: Engineering, Medical biolog, Economics.

Duration of studies on the training department for foreign citizens is 1 year.

Together with Management of International Connections of NTUU «KPI», the Faculty accumu­lates experience with foreign students not only from training department but also with students of the first course. From 2003, the set of foreign students on the first course of Institute on specialty «Computer Sciences» is carried out.

FPT has the licensed volume of training to entry to higher educational establishment (600 persons) and works jointly and by unique rules with Institute of Monitoring of Quality of Education of NTUU «KPI». All listeners of faculty are provided with necessary methodical manuals on competitive disciplines and informative sheets with current information.

The material base, for acquisition of skills of work with modern information, computer and mathematical technologies, is created on faculty. A computer class is equipped with 20 computers which are incorporated in unique network, and also with comfortable educational furniture. Developed information computer structure gives possibility both to teach and to control the studies of listeners by the computer testing.

Almost 75% students of Institute graduated from the FPI, and this is the index of efficiency of faculty's work.