Facultative "Functional programming and the basic theory Computer Science"


Demonstrate an unusual approach to solving problems of software development, which is gaining popularity in Software Development industry, but different from the approach traditionally taught in schools;

Instilled the ability to analyze tasks, allocate it an abstraction, broken down into subtasks. To understand the benefits of manipulation abstractions of subject field in the code, as opposed to the use of low-level programming language commands;

Learn useful idioms using inherent functional approach Regardless of the programming language, which one benefits for problem solving;

Classes will be held Friday evening at 16.10 in the audience of 07-13 2/25/2011. Summary of course see here.

For more information contact: Alexander Polozov (E-mail: send letter) or the Students’ council ESC «IASA» (14 building, оffice 50).

Facultative "Effective search and optimization of the Internet"

The course will read student of KA-81 - Sergei Mohilnyy. The course is aimed at:

  • the development of skills search and finding information online quickly and completely;
  • skill development process and analyze information found quickly and accurately;
  • Develop skills for effectively monitoring changes in results.

On presentation course can be found here .

For more information contact: Sergey Mohilnyy (E-mail: send letter) or the Students’ council ESC «IASA» (14 building, оffice 50).\


Facultative "Analysis, modeling and forecasting in SAS"

Practical course for students IASA (3-5 courses)

  • Study period - Winter-Spring 2011
  • Schedule - every Monday from 16:10 to 18:00
  • Location - Building 35, Computer Class
  • Training for students IASA – free

As a result of training seems to be an official certificate. Course led by Alexander Terentiev. To enroll, you must pass preliminary registration.

SAS is used at more than 50,000 sites in over 100 countries, including 93 of the top 100 companies on the 2010 FORTUNE Global 500® list.

For more information contact: Michael Makuch (E-mail: send letter) or the Students’ council ESC «IASA» (14 building, оffice 50).

Microeconomics and Public Policy

Prof. Yoshio Matsuki

This course provides theory lectures and examples of the problems of the market economy, government, public policy, industry and environment. The lectures start from the theoretical explanations on economics and public policy, such as tax, subsidy, market intervention, child education, medical services, regulations and environmental problems. These issues are keys for formulating the framework of the country for its sustainable development. The case discussions will follow the lectures, where all students are expected to make contributions to the discussions and presentations, in order to design the framework for economic and social development of Ukraine for the future. At the end of course, the practical exercise will be provided for the students to prepare the action plans for constructing the sustainable country.

At the expected outcome, the students get skills to design the public policy for formulating the framework of sustainable development and the governance.

The lecture will be carried out in English. But, when necessary, there will be appropriate pause for necessary Ukrainian translation by the volunteer student higher English level. Throughout the course, important explanations will be written on the blackboard in sentences and graphics. And, the students will have enough time to take notes from the blackboard.

Program of course — (download icon_small_pdf.gif).

More details: Yoshio Matsuki (E-mail: send a letter) or Students’ council ESC «IASA» (14 building, оffice 50).

EPAM: "Software Engineering"

For more information contact: Oksana Tymoschuk (E-mail: send letter) or the Students’ council ESC «IASA» (14 building, оffice 50).

Facultative "Admission in speciality"

vstup_spec1 lection. Speaker — Ph.D. Y. Timoshenko

One of the main problems of the Institute is that the students of the senior courses and the greater part of senior students don’t realise:

the importance of subjects which they learn in the Institute;
  • specialists of what field they will be after graduating from the Institute;
  • perspectives of collaboration in scientific projects of the Institute;
  • characteristics of labour-market and criteria of personnel application.

To solve these problems, the course of optional lectures, divided into 4 stages is conducted:

1th stage – seminars of ESC “IPSA” teachers. University teachers tell about the necessity of attending classes and about importance of subjects which are taught in the Institute.

2th stage – ESC “IPSA” graduates tell, what additional subjects are necessary to be studied, in order to be more qualified specialist in a certain branch of study.

3th stage – ESC “IPSA” senior students (of 5-6 courses) tell about the importance of subjects, which are taught in ESC “IPSA” and give advice concerning additional knowledge, which are necessary to gain.

4th stage – the employers tell what knowledge is necessary to gain to apply for a well-paid work.

More details: Zoya Kurmak (E-mail: send letter) or Students’ council ESC «IASA» (14 building, оffice 50).

Special course "Mathematical methods"

Speaker — prof.
Yury Bohdanskyi

Approximate number of lectures: 50-70  (4-6 semesters).  It is available for students, postgraduates and staff; moreover, active freshmen are welcome to apply.

Start: first lecture will be held in October 2010. Approximate time for the beginning  is at 18 a.m.

The course curriculum:

  1. Algebraic Structures (theory and applications);
  2. Topology (general, algebra, fundamentals);
  3. Differential Geometry;
  4. Groups and Li’s algebra;
  5. Additional Chapters on the Theory of Measure and Integral;
  6. Additional Chapters on Functional Analysis. Applications to Optimal Control Problems;
  7. Generalised functions. Applications to Mathematical Physics and Automatic Control Theory.

More details: Iurii Bohdanskyi (E-mail: send letter) or Students’ council ESC «IASA» (14 building, оffice 50).

Free English course

As never before, nowadays speaking English has become very important. Well, Student Council of ESC “IASA” does not fall behind in this sphere as well!

You have a possibility to apply for extra FREE classes of English in the Institute! Teachers are senior students of Linguistics Department, future translators. Groups consist of 8-12 IASA students. Students study in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. You will have interesting tasks to complete; moreover, you will definitely enjoy competitions, English-language films, songs, photos, texts — excellent possibility to practice and master your English together with us! And the main thing is that curriculum is created by you!

What do you need to study English together with us?! All people who are interested in studying English must send an E-mail letter  with information about himself (Name, family name, group, E-mail). Afterwards, you will be sent a letter with subsequent instructions.

More details: Eugeniy Krivolap (E-mail: send letter) or Students’ council ESC «IASA» (14 building, оffice 50).

Facultative "Web-design"

IASA put a weekly elective for everyone wishing to attend courses in web-design which are to be read IN ENGLISH by Baryakhtar Irina (Ph.D., worked at Boston College, Massachusetts, USA).

The course aims to acquaint students with basic web-design and web-programming. Noteworthy basics of Flash, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Fireworks and more. The course will be interesting for those who need his (her) own website, although not the highest difficulty, but made ​​by hand).

At the end of the course students will understand:

1)    How do web-design works and how to create a simple, but far not "trivial" site.

2)    Basics of SEO, their advertising and traffic control. To join the first lesson - fill a short registration form.

For more information, contact the Students’ council ESC «IASA» (14 building, оffice 50).

NetCracker course

In early February 2007, NetCracker with NTU «KPI» began training the first in Ukraine Scientific-Research Center (UC) for the preparation of the «top» experts in the field, which can be defined as the «butt» Telecommunications and Information Technology. Curriculum Center is optional, and aligned with the academic program of CPD. Learning center for students of KPI is free. Students are invited to attend 3-4 courses CPD, selection on a competitive basis.

As part of the program:  there will be read series of lectures for students UC and workshops on software development in J2EE will be conducted, with modern telecommunication technologies, development and configuration management systems for telecom operators, etc.

On the upper classes (5-6) students successfully combine teaching and research activities with career and professional growth and training in the centers of companies around the world.

More details: Oksana  Timoschuk (E-mail: send letter) or Students’ council ESC «IASA» (14 building, оffice 50).