Educational-Scientific Complex "Institute for Applied System Analysis"


The institute conducts basic and applied research in the field of methodology of system analysis of complex objects and processes of social, economic, enviromental and technological directions; forecasting, scenario analysis and long-term   behavior of complex systems taking into account the multifactor risks of decision-making in such systems due to lack of information; optimal control theory and differential games; methods of nonlinear analysis and optimization of dynamical systems theory; methods of evaluation and control of nonlinear systems to multiple-parameter; follow signs processes and  information of analytic systems theory, managing large databases , modern methods for solving nonlinear  ill-defined mathematical modeling of complex technical objects, methods of parallel calculations in supercomputers; use the Іnternet as the medium of joint optimal computer-aided design by professionals from various organizations and countries.

Basic scientific research of institute allows for:

  • Innovative development of large companies, industries and the country as a whole  using the methodology of technology foresight, scenario analysis and strategic planning;
  • Reliable operation of the guaranteed sacurity of complex interconnected systems of various nature;
  • Ensuring remote users by service of design high-tech technical objects. In addition, data from the research projects are used in the  preparation of on-line textbooks of special courses for students of mathematical skills, and during research in IASA, Institute for Mathematics of NAS of Ukraine, Institute for Cybernetics of NAS of Ukraine, Physical Technical Institute of NTUU "KPI", Shevchenko National University in Kyiv .
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