Pankratova Nataliya

Dr.Sc., Professor, Honored worker in Science and Technology of Ukraine, State prize-winner of Ukraine in Science and Technology, V.M. Glushkov prize-winner, Member of the International Academy of Higher Education Sciences, Member of the New York Academy of Sciences and Member of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

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Education and experience: higher education, graduated from the Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty of Taras Shevchenko State University of Kyiv, Candidate of physico-mathematical sciences, PhD. Also graduated from the Kiev Conservatory on a piano class.

After the graduation from Taras Shevchenko State University of Kyiv Natalia decided to devote herself to a scientific work, she entered the graduate school of S.P. Timoshenko Institute of Mechanics USSR AS. She was working as an engineer, research assistant, researcher, senior researcher, head of the laboratory. Since 1986, she has been holding down two jobs at NTUU "KPI": Professor of Applied Mathematics and Department of Mathematical Methods of system analysis. Since 1997 N. Pankratova has been appointed as the Deputy Director of a scientific work of the ESC "IASA", since 2005 – as the Head of Department of Mathematical Methods of  System Analysis of IASA.

Pedagogical activity: N. Pankratova – the Professor of Mathematical Methods of System Analysis of the ESC "IASA", conducts courses "Fundamentals of Systems Analysis" and "Fundamentals of numerical methods". Students and graduates are the best helpers of N.D. Pankratova, about whom she modestly said: "I'm lucky with them". Lucky, because young people, than anyone else, feel a sincere desire of the mentor to share, to interest, to teach, and therefore try to deep up with her. Students participate in all research projects, carried out in the IASA, which relate to the predictions, a sustainable development, a multifactorial risk analysis under uncertainties of different nature. According to the results of real scientific research they carry out their courses, bachelor and master's works. Then someone stay to work at the department. And the theme of master's, becoming  more expand and extend, grows into a candidate's dissertation.

Scientific work: N. Pankratova - a renowned expert in the fields of systems analysis, information technology and mechanics of deformable solids. In these latter days, she has been working at a scientific research, which is concerned to the multidisciplinary problems of various nature. In particular, at developing future strategies of large enterprises, cities, regions and development of nondestructive testing to ensure safe operation of complex technical systems. Works are carried out in order of MES, NAS of Ukraine, Ministry of Economy, NSA of Ukraine and others. According to the areas of research, she has published over 350 scientific publications, including 16 monographs, 14 educational and methodical work, 11 problem-oriented computer systems and software packages.

In recent years, under the guidance of prof. N.D. Pankratova, V. Khokhlov, N. Nedashkivska, T. Podladchikova and others have defended their thesis's. So, quite naturally, that is not the first year N.D. Pankratova is the titular of "Teacher-researcher of the KPI". She produced one PhD, 15 candidates of sciences and 70 Masters of the specialties of "System Analysis and Control" and  "Intelligent Decision Support Systems". She was awarded by NAS of Ukraine "For scientific achievements", and her alumnus N.I. Nedashkivska – c.t.s., department assistant of the Mathematical Methods of System Analysis - for young scientists "Talent, inspiration and work".

N. Pankratova - the initiator, an invariable organizer and the participant in the annual international scientific conference "System analysis and information technology", which traverses in spring, 2010 for the twelfth time was held on the base of the ESC "IASA". Begun as a student, it gained popularity and scope and now collects respectable scientists from all over the world. Natalia Dmutrivna is also the organizer and the participant of the International Conference on Geomechanics on the base of Hlivetskoyi Polytechnic (Poland), other international symposia (in particular, under the auspices of UNIDO, UNESCO).

N. Pankratova – the member of the Committee of State Prizes of Ukraine, WAC member advisory council of Ukraine on computer science and Cybernetics in physics and mathematics sciences, WAC Deputy Head of the Expert Council of Ukraine in Informatics and Cybernetics for technical sciences, Member of the Specialized Academic Council 01.02.08 affiliated to the NTUU "KPI", Member of the Scientific and Technical Council of DES, Head of the section "Applied System Analysis" UNESCO department of NTUU "KPI", Head of the UNESCO Institute basis point in Information Technologies in Education, UNIDO National Expert, Member of Ukrainian National Committee of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Chief scientific secretary of the Ukrainian Branch of the International Academy of Higher Education Sciences, initiator and deputy editor of the magazine "System Research and Information Technology", Women Union chairman of the NTUU "KPI".

N. Pankratova was awarded with the charter of honour of NAS of Ukraine; with commemorative medals of Ukraine and others. She was deemed by the American Biographical Institute and International Centre for system projects as the  winner in the nomination "Woman 2003". Full bibliographic information about her are included in "Who's Who in the World" (17th Edition 2000), Who's Who in Science and Engineering (6th Edition 2001) and in books "S.P. Timoshenko Institute of Mechanics" (1998), "Kyiv Women scientists" (2003),  "Taras Shevchenko KNU. Names of famous contemporaries "(2005).

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