Forecasting of evolution of macroeconomic and social processes on the basis of transformation of official statistical information

Project scientific manager is Professor V.S. Melnyk.

There is developed the new approach to system analysis of public processes as optimum compromise between complication (accuracy) and simplification (prognostication), because the possibility to analyze currency of public processes and to forecast their evolution as beginning of any initiative, especially the state one, has to be acknowledged as the most critical.

There will be formalized the system of dynamic and time descriptions of public processes as mathematical basis for their analysis and making prognoses of different special purpose, setting and aggregate of corresponding models will be formed.

Statistical information which is intending to be transformed into dynamic and time descriptions of macroeconomic and social processes according to algorithms which form the functional basis of activity of leaders of the proper management structures, will serve for material basis of research.

It is planned to introduce the software products in Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, Ministry of Finances of Ukraine, Ministry of Education and Sciences of Ukraine and scientific study establishments.


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