Project 2008

Reports of research projects completed in 2008

1. «Development of informative platform of scenario analysis as the base tool for technological foresight» research manager M.Z. Zgurovsky (download icon_small_pdf.gif);

2. «System management of safety and capacity of difficult technical systems in conditions of multifactor risks» research manager N.D. Pankratova (download icon_small_pdf.gif);

3. «Methods and means of parallel order reduction of super-large RLC circuits models» research manager A.I. Petrenko (download icon_small_pdf.gif);

4. «Multi-levels Internet learning technology for individual professional orientation of students with special demerits» research manager A.I. Petrenko (download icon_small_pdf.gif);

5. «System research of monitoring facilities of technical diagnostics of natural and building objects in difficult conditions» research manager Y.I. Kalyukh (download icon_small_pdf.gif);

6. «Development of methods of decision-making support in economical processes on the basis of parameters authentication and risks forecasting» research manager V.D. Romanenko (download icon_small_pdf.gif);

7. «Neuronal networks and multi-agent models, scenario and geo-information approaches in social-economical systems research» research manager O.S. Makarenko (download icon_small_pdf.gif);

8. «Development of methods of analysis, forecasting and diagnostics of processes with uncertainties on the basis of Bayes theory» research manager P.I. Bidyuk (download icon_small_pdf.gif);

9. «Functional-topological methods of analysis and optimum control of nonlinear systems with distributed parameters at phase constraints» research manager V.S. Melnyk (download icon_small_pdf.gif);

10. «Development on the basis of system analysis and game theory of new distribution and control methods for limited resources» research manager V.V. Ostapenko (download icon_small_pdf.gif).

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