Development of informative platform of scenario analysis as the base tool for technological foresight

Project scientific manager is Professor M.Z. Zgurovsky.

It is developed the tool of technological foresight in the form of information platform of scenario analysis, which is the complex of mathematical, programming, logical and organizational facilities and instruments for determination of sequence of application of separate methods of qualitative analysis, connections between them and on the whole forming of the process itself. The software of scenario analysis platform will be the network information system of decision-making, and will contain special compo­nents including mathematical apparatus and software environment, which will realize the technology of scenario analysis. Convenient and flexible user's interface will permit to engage experts in work and to get and process their decisions quickly, to organize intercourse, intercommunication and information exchange between each expert and examination organizer, via Internet. The informative platform of scenario analysis is realized as the distributed cross-platform system built on client-server architecture. A project has the practical wide use, in par­ticular, for strategic planning of space industry of Ukraine, machine­building complex and some other industries and large enterprises.


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