Multi-levels Internet learning technology for individual professional orientation of students with special demerits

Project scientific manager is Professor A.I. Petrenko.

In this project the new approach to the formation of distant learning scripts (or scenarios) are proposed. Multi-level Internet learning technology is created which is realized practically as Distance Learning System (DLS) NeoCAD (Neo – Campus ADucational learning network). NeoCAD contains: network operating environment with Webserver and databases' server in the center; Learning Content Management System (LMS), which provides coordinated work of all DLS methods as in local so in global computer networks; methods of specialists' knowledge level control (diagnostics). Technology in hand develops and improves the quality of education using methodological standards of University education basis, at the same time reserve individuality and authority (brand) of Institute. While programming DLS NeoCAD the methods and technologies of Windows Server Standard 2003 were used. DLS NeoCAD Database was created with the help of Microsoft SQL Server 2000. System uses the standard protocol TCP/IP of Internet/Intranet.

Information content of NeoCAD system is created with use of Web technology and consists of:

  1. distant learning courses, which give the required knowledge via joining graphic, text, video and audio information and animation;
  2. knowledge getting control system;
  3. methods of working out the skills of applying the got knowledge with the help of builtin modeling programs.


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