Neuronal networks and multi-agent models, scenario and geo-information approaches in social-economical systems research

Project scientific manager is Professor O.S. Makarenko.

In this project, there are formed and explored the new models of large social economic systems, also taking into account the mental factor. Basic tasks are the following: creation of models which allow to study difficult social economic systems; creation of approaches to the study of conformities of variants of systems development and estimations of possible scenarios risks; study of processes in the real social systems by the means of analysis of present statistical information; development of applications of the geo-information systems to the social and decision-making systems.

Especially for practical applications, there are developed methods which join advantages of system analysis and design with comforts of real social data presentation in geo-information systems. So, there are developed the computer programs for examination of scenarios of migration of population of Ukraine, for examination of scenarios of bearing the harmful enterprises out the bounds of Kyiv, programs for design of motion of large people congestions in the conditions of difficult building and extraordinary events.


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