System management of safety and capacity of difficult technical systems in conditions of multifactor risks

Project scientific manager is Professor N.D. Pankratova.

Conception, strategy, methods, models and algorithms of providing of guaranteed safety of difficult technical systems in the real conditions of incompleteness, vagueness, inaccuracy and contradiction of initial information at presence of maximum time limitation on the cycle of forming and realization of decisions are proposed and grounded. The tasks of creation of innovation system of control of safety and capacity of difficult technical systems for providing the rational level of their capacity and guaranteed safety in the real time mode on the basis of system concerted control of object functioning and monitoring, evaluation and prognostication of dynamics of multivariable risks and resource of possible risk of supernumerary, critical, extraordinary situations, failures and catastrophes, are solved.

There are created conceptions and strategies of risk management for complex technical systems on the base of the offered mathematical models of algorithms of system prognostication, minimization and risk evaluation in the dynamics of functioning of technical systems and objects will provide prevention of emergencies and catastrophic situations, creating the conditions of ecological consequences distraction and considerable economy of material wherewithal and money.


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