Development of Energy Saving and Ecological Hybrid Processes for Neutralisation of Harmful Emissions

Research manager G.A. Statyukha (Chemical Engineering Department of Chemical Technologies ).


In 2009, the new approach to gas cleaning systems synthesis and water purification schemes based on new mathematical and heuristic methods and the use of hybrid technological processes has been developed. The utility and effectiveness of pinch analysis for the development of optimal purification schemes have been proved. The advantage of the suggested method is the possibility of multiple sources and components of the material flow incorporation. The procedure of synthesis on the basis of structural optimisation and the usage of mathematical cleaning processes models have been introduced. This allows considering the dependence of cleaning efficiency schemes on the initial volume content of pollutants. It has been proved the efficacy of hybrid technologies based on a combination of adsorption and absorption processes for the purification of miscarriage gases from nitrogen oxides and sulphur. The dependence of the degree of cleaning as both technological parameters of the process and structural parameters of circuits that are used in gas cleaning processes has been studied. The synthesis method based on pinch analysis has been applied to the development of optimal schemes of gas cleansing that use hybrid technological cleaning processes.

The results of the theoretical and research work have been implemented in the educational process of teaching such special courses as “Modelling of Energy Saving and Ecological Systems”, “Artificial Intelligence Methods and Their Application in Chemical Technology”, “Automation and Computer Integrated Technologies”


The results of the work have been used to create the scheme of water and wastewater cleansing at pulp and paper plant, during the reconstruction of the Open Joint Stock Company “Farmak”(Kyiv), bakery plant № 3  of Open Joint Stock Company (OJSC) “Zhytomyrkhlib” and during the modernisation of sewage schemes for galvanic department of “Verkon” Concern and galvanic department of OJSC “KyivProdMash”, OJSC “Obolon” Joint Stock Company (JSC) “Kyiv Glass Factory”, OJSC “RIAP”.

During the year of paper defence on the basis of the conducted work a monograph and a course book have been published, work a Doctoral and 2 PhD theses have been protected, 20 articles have been published, 30 presentations have been made at conferences, including 10 at international ones, 2 patents have been received In the process of research conducting 2o students have been involved. According to the research results students have defended 5 master’s theses and 10 diploma papers.


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