Project 2010

Reports of research projects completed in 2010

1. «Methods of non-linear analysis and topological methods of variation inequalities and evolution inclusions»research manager M.V. Andreev (download icon_small_pdf.gif);

2. «Design, investigation and applications of principally new models of socio-economic systems»research manager O.S. Makarenko (download icon_small_pdf.gif);

3. «Development of optimal control methods by flows in networks with using the theory of differential games»research manager V.V. Ostapenko (download icon_small_pdf.gif);

4. «Construction decision support system by using Bayesian network’s theory for modeling behavior of complex systems»research manager P.I. Bidyuk (download icon_small_pdf.gif);

5. «Development of an integrated technology system design, safety control and diagnosis of complex technical objects under conditions of uncertainty and multifactorial risk» research manager N.D. Pankratova (download icon_small_pdf.gif);

6. «Development and investigation of the methods for adaptive forecasting and statistical identification based on non-linear dynamic models of physical and economic processes»research manager V.D. Romanenko (download icon_small_pdf.gif);

7. «System researches and applications of the diagnostics facilities for the analysis of the explosions influence on the iron-ore careers of the Crooked Horn on building»research manager Y.I. Kalyukh (download icon_small_pdf.gif);

8. «Creation of the Ukrainian system circuit design of technical facilities NetALLTED» research manager A.I. Petrenko;

9. «Development of methodology and Networked simulating tools with orientation on micro electromechanical systems (MEMS)» research manager A.I. Petrenko (download icon_small_pdf.gif);

10. «Development of methods and systems of non-decaying control and technical diagnostics of complex technical objects and systems» research manager N.D. Pankratova (download icon_small_pdf.gif);

11. «Development of method and tools for estimation of efficiency of distant sounding of the Earth (DSE) space projects on the basis of expert procedures of foresight» research manager N.D. Pankratova (download icon_small_pdf.gif);

12. «The development of WEB-based CAD framework for design of complex technical systems» research manager A.I. Petrenko (download icon_small_pdf.gif);

13. «Multimedia in education – experimental exploring of Distant Learning methods» research manager A.I. Petrenko (download icon_small_pdf.gif);

14. «Improving the design of large integrated circuits» research manager A.I. Petrenko.

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