Multimedia in education – experimental exploring of Distant Learning methods

European program INCO-COPERNICUS Project MM-EDU

Research manager A.I. Petrenko.

«INFORES» workers together with Bristol University (England), Erlanger – Nurnberg University (Germany), Wroclaw Technical University (Poland) specialists took part in joint project MMEDU of European Commission Program INCO – Copernicus, which explored the technology of creating the multimedia educational information results for distant learning on the example of 16-hours educational distant course in «Embedding computer systems design».

Main peculiarities of project:

Coordination with foreign partners the structure, purpose and contents of distant multimedia course including the differences of educational programs of Computer Sciences in the countries partners;

Choice and substantiation of necessity of use WebCT authorware system for course development, what was the pioneer decision on the background of almost common use of Lotus system in the countries­partners;

Implementation of developed distant course into the Universities of partner countries; providing users in the process by possibility to build mathematical models of embedding system and experimentally make sure that his or her decisions are correct.


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