Title Scientific Advisor Description Contact person
1 System research and information technologies Dr. Sc. Nataliya Pankratova Nowadays problems of development of concepts, strategies, approaches, models and methods of systematic study of interdisciplinary problems. Problems of foresight of qualitative and quantitative changes of various fields of practical activity, multifactor risk minimization, guaranteed functioning of anthropogenically and ecologically dangerous systems. Scientific supervisor — Dr. Sc. Nataliya Pankratova. Mychaylo Makucha; +380 67 286 4205
2 Workshop of Applied Nonlinear Analysis Department Dr. Sc. Oleksandr Makarenko The problems of applied nonlinear analysis, modeling of socio-economic systems and decision-making under uncertainty are considered. Ph.D. Gennadiy Poveschenko
3 Methods of Highly Productive Computing Dr. Sc. Anatoliy Petrenko The problems of parallel and distributed computing with the use of supercomputers and Grid-technologies are considered . Ph.D. Volodymyr Ladogubets
4 Seminars for Masters Dr. Sc. V. Podladchykov The workshop is conducted for masters of full-time education once per month. The masters tell about their scientific achievements and the progress of their diploma projects Students’ council ESC «IASA»; send letter
5 Analysis of the Global Development Academician Michael Zgurovsky The seminar is dedicated to various aspects of global modeling and analysis of global development. Kateryna Pereverza, +380 97 947 8955;
6 Strategic Planning and Decision Making under Uncertainty Dr. Sc. Nataliya Pankratova Problems of technological foresight, formalizing of qualitative analysis methods, construction of information platform of the scenario analysis within the framework of sustainable development Mychaylo Makucha; +380 67 286 4205
7 Applied Methods of Systems Analysis Dr. Sc. Valentyn Ostapenko The latest theoretical development of optimization methods, systems analysis, the theory of differential games and their applied applications for different tasks are considered. Ph.D. Iryna Shubenkova