Логотип ІПСА Educational-scientific complex «Institute for applied system analysis»

Chair of the Mathematical Methods of System Analysis

Chair of MMSA main goal is development fundamental and applied investigation in systems analysis and training personnel in this field.

Chair of the System Design

Chair of SD main goal is training personnel on the computerization of the creative engineering of human activity, which appears in the design and creation of new technologies of artificial environment.

!Anniversary of the Department of MMSA (зробiть норм сайт плз)

Department of mathematical methods of system analysis celebrates its 25th anniversary. A solemn meeting will be held on October 25, 2013 at 04:00 pm in the Hall of the Academic Council of NTUU "KPI" (building 1). Our congratulations to the staff of the Institute and students!

! Admission company

ESC "IASA" invites university entrants to get higher education for directions:

1. System Analysis 124 — "System Analysis and Management", "System Analysis of Financial Market" — Chair of MMSA;

3. Computer Science 122 — "Systems of Artificial Intelligence", "Data Mining in Projects Management", System Design", "Information Technologies of Design" — Chair of SD.

! Center for International Education (зробiть норм сайт плз)

Center for International Education

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  • !General

    ESC "IASA" invites university entrants to the full-time study to get higher education. In the ESC "IASA" operates faculty of Pre-Institute training.

    ESC "IASA" invites students to get the second higher education. Also Institute creates favorable conditions for master's advanced research and successful preparation of Ph.D. and Dr.Sc.

    ESC "IASA" invites students to get the courses of English and German language and prepare to pass TOEFL.


    ESC "IASA" is proud of the competent teaching staff. In the Institute work a member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and 2 members of the International Academy of Higher Education, 21 Dr.Sc. and 40 Ph.D.

    The Student Autonomy of ESC "IASA" emerged during the creation of the Institute. In 2009 it received the Ukrainian recognition and the Student Council ESC "IASA" won in the nomination of the best student council unit of Ukraine.

    Research activity

    ESC "IASA" invites universities, institutes, academic departments and other organizations to participate in common research and development in areas of applied systems analysis, sustainable development, new information technologies and computer sciences.

    Also ESC "IASA" invites companies, public institutions to find solutions for actual business and economic problems. Also Institute invites creating educational and research centers for the training of specialized, highly skilled staff and implementing the latest scientific developments.


    1year or 2years
    Pre-Institute training
    Second Higher
    Additional courses